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Employees are Power Quotient International's most important assets. A perfect education and training program was developed to meet the needs for organization developments and individual needs. We provide the perfect environment for Power Quotient International employees to develop and pave their way to a professional career!

Multiple Learning Sources

Planning wise, we provide multiple learning sources according to company strategies, individual professional needs and development.

On-the-Job Training (OJT)
Individual professional needs: Main objectives are to improve individual professional skills to gain professional licenses or recognized certificates to ensure working abilities and conditions. Ability discrepancies or abilities lack of, will be improved accordingly to meet department or company standards.

Off-the-Job Training (OFF-JT)
Professional and management trainings: According to the company developments and professional needs. Objectives are to improve personal skills and efficiency as a member of an organization.

  • Management skill training courses
  • Professional skill training courses
  • New employee training courses
  • Away training courses
  • Other training courses
    such as: quality control trainings, guest speaker training courses, overseas assignments, etc


Self-Development (SD)
According to individual development needs, provide every possible training opportunity to all employees:

  • Mental development seminars
  • Computer skills training
  • Language skills training
  • Continuing professional education


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