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Keep Smilling ~

Everything Begins with Sharing

We use our warm smile to greet the first gleams of day and we share to show that we care!

Since the beginning, PQI has shouldered the weight of "being where help is needed most" to assist and give compassion to society's less privileged. In recent years, PQI, in cooperation with "Taiwan Fund for Children and Families" and other organizations, have paid special attention to youth development, learning and living conditions. We assist in the protection of less privileged children by giving them the strength to move forward and the have resources they need to learn. By becoming their friends, we listen, care, share and understand their needs. We also want them to know that someone will be with them every step of the way. In the future, PQI will continue to participate in public welfare programs. And through our warm smiles, pass on our compassion. We hope to use our passion in Taiwan to spread the power of compassion like dandelion seeds to every corner of the world.


Care and Love Earth ~ PQI Belongs to the World !

We apply various controls to safeguard human health, environmental protection and user safety. When the majority of people are discussing how to reduce the harm that is being done to the planet, PQI has already made preparations to avoid damaging the natural environment. We make prevention plans rather than response plans. In 2004, PQI obtained the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification. PQIs product design, material selection, manufacturing control and product shipment all conform to the latest EU Restricted of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) standards on restrictions of certain harmful substances used in electric machinery and equipment. Regarding packaging materials, PQI uses material that comply with EU RoHS packaging and packaging waste materials directives and carries out product recycling according to Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) requirements. With greatly reduced packaging volume, the space can be effectively used, thus achieving the most economic and environmental friendly results. Internally, employees are trained in energy conservation, recycling and reusing, garbage classification and other similar topics. By reducing carbon and protecting the environment, "loving the planet" can be implemented into our daily life.

Love our Earth -- let's work together for a bright and happy future!

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