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Q:Can I reformat the iConnect?
Q:File Types Supported by iConnect.
Q:How can I set a password for the files saved on the iConnect?
Q:How to play huge media files on iPhone/iPad more fluently?
Q:How to send photos from my iOS device to the iConnect?
Q:How to send the photos from the iConnect to iOS device?
Q:How to unlock protected file by a password?
Q:How to upload the music files from my iOS device to the iConnect?
Q:I have inserted the iConnect and received an "App Not Installed" message. But when I opt for App Store, I can't find the PQI iConnect+ App. What should I do?
Q:What is iPhone / iPad on iConnect+ app?
Q:When I select file and folder to lock at the same time, the gray button of locking function cannot be pressed?
Q:Where can I download the PQI iConnect + App?
Q:Which Apple iOS devices will the PQI iConnect work with?
Q:Why can't I copy the music from my iPhone device?
Q:Why can't I play the movies I have purchased from iTunes by iConnect?
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