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The Connect 209 Four-in-one OTG Card Reader is response to the demand for a more convenient and high-tech lifestyle. It has a total of 4 built-in slots, namely microSD/ microSDXC, SD/SDXC, microUSB, and USB. It is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets that support OTG, from a variety of manufacturers. The Connect 209 allows the transfer of photos and media files from your digital camera's microSD or SD card to your mobile phone, and enables instantaneous browsing and online sharing with your friends, thus allowing everyone to enjoy them in real time.The Connect 209 has a built-in USB2.0 port, supports flash drives and external hard disks (connect the microUSB port to a power supply for power). It can serve as a quick form of expansion to your mobile phone's memory capacity. In addition, a keyboard or mouse can be attached to the device, to transform your mobile phone or tablet into a mini computer. The Connect 209 is small in size, yet has a variety of features. Its LED indicators are clearly visible and show the various operation modes, and its optimized design results in low power consumption, which means that the device lasts longer while on the go. The Connect 209 is a convenient and portable tool for you when you travel for business or pleasure. 



Multiple transfer interfaces, instant video and audio entertainment

Provides multiple types of transfer interfaces, such as USB Host, SD/SDHC,microSD/SDHC, micro USB, etc. for transfer in both directions, satisfying the requirements of different mobile devices.





OTG function support for Android mobile devices

One end of the micro USB connector provides OTG hot-plug synchronization function support for Android system smartphones or tablets. Its plug and play feature enables you to instantly share the high-definition photos and videos in your digital camera SD/SDHC /  microSD/SDHC or flash drives to social networking sites or photo sharing communities, and enables you to back them up to a Cloud hard drive.Your music and videos as well as important documents can also be accessed and transmitted through a SD/SDHC /  microSD/SDHC , flash drive, hard drive, or mobile device; which makes it convenient for you to listen to or browse through these files at any time and frees up the storage space for your mobile devices. In addition, you can also connect to a power source through the micro USB plug, and use this device in synchronization with an external hard drive to enable a more powerful and immediate data sharing. 





LED indicator showing clearly the function status

The LED indicator clearly illustrates the function status. The LED light will be in a green state when an USB is plugged in, and in a red state when a SD/SDHC or microSD/SDHC is plugged in.  The slim streamline appearance makes it compact and easy to carry.


*For usage of external hard disk, prior connection of an external power supply to the micro USB port is necessary 



micro USB cable and micro USB extension cable included

micro USB cable and micro USB extension cable are provided for free, allowing flexibility during usage.

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