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Photography and making micro movies have become popular amongst all ages. PQI's Instashot features instant photo / record function with 32GB ~ 256GB of storage capacity to choose from. The recordings goes straight to Instashot and does not take up the storage capacity of your iPhone.

PQI's self developed APP, MasterShot, provides a variety of filtering effects and on-demand editing functions for instant movie creation. The movie can be uploaded to your favorite social media to share with friends. Instashot is delicate and designed to complement your iPhone to perfection, it can be carried wherever you go. Constructed of mixed materials with saddle leather, the excellent texture provides comfort and elegance!

  Photos and Videos Stored Instantly, Never Miss a Moment  
  With iPhone's evolution, new functions and user's reliance, the phone's resouces have been deminished, unnoticeably. Instashot offers 32GB~256GB of storage space where photos and recordings go straight to without taking up your phone's storage capacity. Never do you need to worry about running out of storage capacity and miss a crucial moment!  
  Action! Unique Filtering Effects Just for You!  
  With multiple filtering effects to choose from, you can set your own theme and utilize the effects for your unique shot, be your own director!  
  Editing Assistant, Single Shot to the End  
  The dedicated MasterShot is a powerful editing APP to compliment Instashot. It can pause during recording and when you begin the next recoding, it will seamlessly merge the two videos as if it was one. The variety of filtering effects means after effects are not needed and your very own movie can be produced within no time!  
  Share Your Moments!  
  Share your moments by uploading photos and videos onto Facebook and Instagram, etc. with friends. Or, you can just upload as a backup to share later on!  
  Backup to Release Storage Capacity  
  Instashot has a backup function that backs up all photos and videos stored from iPhone to InstaShot, so your iPhone is always in optimum storage conditions.  
  Quality Saddle Leather & Custom Leather Case  
  Using saddle leather and press processing, instaShot shows its elegant qualities. Coupled with a customized leather case and crafted stitching, it holds both the instaShot and microUSB cable. It also comes with a dust-proof lid for the microUSB connector for an inside-out, all-around protection!  
  Apple's MFi certification  
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