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Tired of carrying mobile power banks sized like a brick?
PQI Power 6000CV & 12000CV are easy to handle, elegantly thin and smothered in leather fixed paint, distinguishing itself from the usual cold metallic finish.
  Ultra-slim power bank  
  PQI Power 6000CV and 12000CV power banks are easy to handle and is smothered in leather fixed paint; three color options are available: gold, silver, and grey; allowing you to demonstrate a unique style of elegance and savvy.  
  2.1A+1.5A Large Current Output  
  The devices are equipped with standard USB output ports and provide a 2.1A large current output. Whether it is smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices, it offers fast charging wherever you go.(PQI Power 12000CV)  
  Charges Your Smartphone and Tablet at the Same Time  
  The dual USB output ports allow the power banks to charge two mobile devices simultaneously, making sure there is plenty of power in your smartphone and tablet all the time. (PQI Power 12000CV)  


    Lithium-ion polymer battery cell  
  PQI Power 6000CV and 12000CV power banks utilizes imported Lithium-ion polymer battery cells in gel polymer electrolyte that will not result in the usual battery acid leak of normal batteries. It is safer and more suited to mobile application use with it's thin and increased heat dissipation surface area for maximum efficiency!  
  Guaranteed safety and quality  
  Equipped with built-in circuit protection, the power bank prevents circuit overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuiting, current overflow, and electrical leakage. The device is also covered by a US$10 million product liability insurance to ensure the safety and quality of our products.  
  Clear and straightforward battery level indicators  
  Power banks come with convenient LED indicator lights that offer a quick and easy way for keeping track of battery life.
->4 fully-lit LEDs indicate 75-100% power remaining.
->3 fully-lit LEDs indicate 50-75% power remaining.
->2 fully-lit LEDs indicate 25-50% power remaining.
->1 fully-lit LED indicates 1-25% power remaining.
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