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Without instant editing, it's a shame that some photos and videos are left in the storage once they are taken, only to be never looked at again. With pqireader, one can easily edit, direct and create your perfect video. Without the need of a network connection, from devices such as Sport cam, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Dash cam, Camcorder, etc. It features multimedia, capacity expansion, fingerprint ID, file management and social media sharing functions.  
  Edit, direct and create with ease!  
  Straight forward recording is all good and may seem dull at times. With pqireader's dedicated app, you can create exciting or highlights snippets with background music with subtitle, instantly!  
  Challenge sensory limits ~ extreme sport cam  
  For extreme sport lovers, facing every new challenge, it is vital to capture that one precious moment. pqireader can access the video on-the-spot, share it online with friends so they all can experience the moment, too!  
  Safety first ~ dash cam card reader  
  No one wants to be in an accident but when it happens, with the dash cam, the recorded video can assist investigators recreate the scene. With the help of pqireader, insert the dash cam memory card, you can playback the video and edit on your iPhone.  
  The world from above ~ unmanned aerial vehicle  
  Humans do not have wings to fly but with the advancement of technology, we now have consumer grade unmanned aerial vehicles for the general public. pqireader can access the memory card to playback the video on your iPhone! and snippets of video for easy sharing.  
  Instant social media sharing  
  With the popularity of social media, pqireader can help put your photos and videos onto Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to share with your friends and family instantly!  
  Fingerprint identification  
  Stored files can be encrypted with your personal fingerprint for security. User need not worry about forgetting the password and losing access to their files.  
  Intelligent backup and expansion  
  Most people's iPhone contain massive amount of photos, videos and other files. They clog up majority of the phone's storage capacity affecting performance. pqireader features single button quick backup functionality. It can backup 1000 photos around 5 minutes, relieving your iPhone of excess capacity consumption.  
  Direct plug-in, no network needed  
  pqireader plugs directly into your iPhone to access all your files on your iPhone without the need of connecting to a network.  
  Intuitive Apps  

* Single button photo backup
* Single button video backup
* Store directly into pqireader
* Photo file manager
* Music file manager
* Video file manager
* File manager
* Video editing, insert background music / subtitle

Memory card compatibility
microSD Class10 16GB/ 32GB/ 64GB/ 128GB

  Dongle design, easy to carry  
  The dongle design allows you to carry it with your key chain, bag or other carry along items with ease.  
  Apple MFi Certification  
  Made in Taiwan  
  Apple certified  
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