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For smartphones, tablets or handheld games console (Nintendo) that are starting to integrate USB Type-C™ connection, PQI is releasing a 10000V QC3.0 Type-C™ mobile power bank. In compliance with QC3.0 specifications and Type-C™ connection, it provides ultra-fast battery charge. To charge a smartphone from 0% to 80% battery requires only approximately 36 minutes. Under similar conditions, to charge the same amount using a normal charger may take 1.5 hours or more. The QC3.0 specification not only charge in a flash but it can also detect device battery conditions (heat, current, etc.) and regulate the charge current accordingly for a optimized charging experience.
  4X charging speed to deal with emergency situations  
  QC3.0 quick charge is able to charge around 4 times faster than traditional charging technologies by increasing its output voltage/current. It takes just 35 minutes to charge a mobiles phone from 0% to 80%. Under similar conditions, a regular mobile phone would require approximately 1.5 hours to charge.  
  Support Charging Apple/ Android Handheld Devices and Nintendo Switch  
  PQI's Power 10000V QC3.0 Type-C™ supports charging handheld devices (Apple/ Type-C™ compatible Android smartphones and tablets) and handheld gaming console, the Nintendo Switch.  
  Charge for 30, Gain 80  
  QC3.0 dramatically increases charging speed. When your phone is out of juice, charge for approximately 30 minutes using QC3.0 and your Type-C™ compatible phone battery level will be back at approximately 80%. Under similar conditions, if using normal chargers, it would take 1.5 hours or more to charge the battery back up to 80%.  
  QC3.0 is Backwards Compatible  
  The QC3.0 technology is backwards compatible with QC2.0 and QC1.0 devices. When used with a QC3.0 device, the quick charge function will activate automatically to provide increased voltage. The Charging Station charges devices not compatible with QC3.0 at 5V for a wider range of applicability.  
  Charge Your Smartphone and Tablet at the Same Time  
  The dual USB output ports allow the power bank to charge two mobile devices simultaneously, making sure there is plenty of power in your smartphone and tablet at all times.(To charge in QC3.0 mode, plug only into Output 1 or 2)  
  Guaranteed safety and quality  
  Equipped with built-in circuit protection, the power bank prevents circuit overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuiting, current overflow, and electrical leakage. The device is also covered by a US$10 million product liability insurance to ensure the safety and quality of our products.  
  Clear and straightforward battery level indicators  
  Power banks come with convenient LED indicator lights that offer a quick and easy way for keeping track of battery life.
->4 fully-lit LEDs indicate 75-100% power remaining.
->3 fully-lit LEDs indicate 50-75% power remaining.
->2 fully-lit LEDs indicate 25-50% power remaining.
->1 fully-lit LED indicates 1-25% power remaining.
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