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 The rise of Ultrabooks has driven consumer demand for light and thin products. Constructed with patented COB technology, PQI is proud to introduce the industry-leading U606L travel drive. No longer do you have to contend with a bulky, difficult-to-carry travel drives. The problems of overheating during transmission and high-frequency noise causing data read errors have also been fixed. The U606L has a non-slip design for easy plug-pull actions. It is perfect for thin-and-light Ultrabooks, tablets, and laptops.  



  Mini, Convenient  
  As small as a coin, the size of the super-mini flash drive does not interfere with other connected USB devices.  
  Water, Shock, and Dust Proof  
  The patented COB technology not only makes the body of the device lighter, but also makes the device water, shock, and dust proof. What's more, these features ensure that the device's connector will not suffer from wear and tear, which means there is no need to worry about data becoming corrupted or unreadable.  
  Best Match for Ultrabooks  
  With up to 128 GB capacity in such a slim package, the thumb drive perfectly complements the sleek design of Ultrabooks and MacBooks. The i-lock truly possesses the style, elegance and performance you'd expect from a modern, ultra-thin device.  
  Thoughtful Non-Slip Design  
  Utilizing North European's pure and simple design concepts, PQI U606L is available in gloss pink or blue and has two non-slip strips on two sides for easy plug-pull.  
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