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PQI i-Charger for car 4.8A has two 2.4A USB port output to charge up to two devices simultaneously while on the move. Suited for most portable devices (iPhone, iPad, MP3, GPS, dashcam, etc.), it has a ring-shaped charge status blue illuminating LED. When connected, the LED will light-up blue so one can tell the device is connected and charging without actually looking at the device itself. There is also an intelligent IC chip to prevent over-current during the charging process.
  4.8A High Output Dual USB for Fast Charge  
  Each USB port can output DC 5V/ 2.4A, it is the optimum and efficient power output to fast charge your mobile device.  
  Blue Illuminating LED to Conveniently Recognize Charging Status  
  The ring shape blue illuminating LED will light up to indicated the device is connected and charging so the driver does not need to look at the device's screen while driving.  
  Charge Up To Two Devices Simultaneously  
  Featuring a total of 4.8A output through dual USB (2.4A + 2.4A), it can simultaneously charge two devices (smartphones, tablets, media players, etc.).  
  Compatible With All Smartphones and Tablets  
  Compatible with all Apple and Android mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) and can auto-regulate power output to suit each device for an optimum charging process.  
  Unique Dual IC Output Regulation  
  Innovative dual intelligent IC output regulation monitoring both USB ports to avoid over-current during engine start-up and damage charging device(s).  
  Compact Dimensions  
  Featuring compact dimensions, similar to that of a car key for easy storage.  
  Low Electromagnetic Interference  
  Does not interfere with other onboard devices  
  Ultimate Quality and Guarantee  
  PQI i-Chager for car 4.8A is in compliance with multiple safety certifications around the globe and is product liability-insured up to 10 million USD so users can enjoy with upmost safety and guarantee!  
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