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PQI i-Cable Multi-Plug features 3-in-1 interfaces, it has Apple Lightning, Type-C™ and micro-USB. It resolves different connection interfaces for people carrying multiple devices. Covered in interwoven composite fiber, it can support up to 50Kg with enhanced inner metallic sheath for durability and safety!
  Compatible with Android / iOS Devices  
  Unique 3-in-1 design featuring Apple Lightning, Type-C™ and micro-USB, it can be used with most portable handheld devices on the market today!  
  One Cable for All Devices  
  i-Cable Multi-Plug 180 is compatible with most portable handheld devices on the market today so one does not need to carry extra cables.  
  Reversible Type-C™ Connector  
  The benefit of the Type-C™ connector is the design in reverse-pluggable. Users need not worry about specific plug-in direction, making connection that much easier!  
  Withstands Up to 10,000 Plug-Pull Test  
  Rugged construction, interference free, superb performance and durability.  
  Dual Purpose, Data Transfer and Power Charge  
  Compatible with all Apple Lightning, Type-C™ and micro-USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, external devices, etc. while connection is established via USB Type A at the other end, making it suitable for various devices on various occasions!  
  Utilizes Composite Fiber, Supports Up to 50Kg  
  Covered by interwoven composite fiber on the outer layer ensuring the cable is free from electric interference, provides extra ruggedness and have less chance of tangling.  
  Extended strain relief (SR) design for better durability and ruggedness  
  The extended strain relief design is more durable and rugged than usual. It can withstand up to 10,000 bend-test.  
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