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PQI Smart i-Charger PD features Type-C Power Delivery (PD) quick-charge capability. The Type-C interface can supply up to a maximum output of 29W while the 15W, 5V/ 3A output is the equivalent of 3x that of an iPhone (5W). When you're almost out of battery, charge it with PQI Smart i-Charger and in 30 minutes, your battery status should be close to 50% charged. It supports iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8+, MacBook 2016, iPad Pro 2016, Nintendo Switch and other USB PD compatible devices.
  What You Should Know About Quick-charge Technology ......  
  Did you know you cannot quick-charge you iPhone8 / 8+ via the adapter that came with the phone? Now use a PQI Smart i-Charger that has a total output of 41W and couple it with a Type-C to Lighting cable to truly enjoy battery quick-charge.  

  30 Minutes to Recover 50% of Battery Life  
  PQI Smart i-Charger PD offers 41W output and via Type-C quick-charge power delivery (PD), the maximum output could reach 15W (3x that of an iPhone at 5W). When your battery is low and need a quick-charge, leave it plugged in for 30 minutes and recover up to 50% battery life.  
  Quick-Charge Combo Without Breaking Your Wallet  

  Dual Interface, Type-C & Type-A  
  Compare to original manufacturer's adapter, PQI Smart i-Charger's maximum Type-C output is up to 29W and has two extra Type-A interfaces (max. 12W) for flexibility to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously.  
  Type-C PD Protocol Support for Max. 41W Output  
  In compliance with USB Power Delivery (PD) protocol, PQI Smart i-Charger has a maximum output of 41W. It can quick-charge the latest iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8+, MacBook 2016, iPad Pro 2016, Nintendo Switch, etc.用性強便利性性  
  Ultimate Quality and Guarantee  
  PQI i-Charger is in compliance with multiple safety certifications around the globe and is product liability-insured up to 10 million USD so users can enjoy with upmost safety and guarantee!  
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