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  A new era in 3C, wireless charging technology dramatically improved!

The latest WPC Qi wireless standard offers convenience. It charges your phone upon contact and when there's a message or incoming call, there's no need to unplug the cable to read the message or answer the call. The PQI Power Pad 101 supports iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung S8, Samsung Note 8, etc. with safe and stable wireless charging.
  Position Placement Sensor  A beep will sound once the device is in proper placement for charge.  
  Wireless Charging Without Cable Restrictions  
    Users need not worry about accidentally pulling on the cable when charging.
  Intelligent Sensor  
  Compatible with the latest QPC Qi standard Foreign Object Detection (FOD), Pad 101 will detect if foreign metallic objects such as a ring or coin is placed on the charging pad that may result in pad overheating or short circuit.  
  Compatible with Qi-compatible Devices  
  Compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone X , PadFone S, Lumia 920, Lumia 830, Lumia 820, GALAXY NOTE 5, GALAXY NOTE 8, GALAXY S8, GALAXY S4, GALAXY S3, GALAXY S6/S6 EDGE, GALAXY S7/S7 EDGE, Geek V975, LG G3.  
  Ultra Light and Thin  
  Weighs only 60g and 0.74cm thin, easy to carry.  
  Charge without removing the  
  (non-metallic) case!  

Effective wireless charging range is 7mm. This is regardless of your phone protective case (non-metallic) and will not affect the charge efficiency or speed!

Note: If you have a aluminum (metallic) case or frame, please remove it before using the wireless charger!

  Auto Cut-Off Protection for Peace of Mind  
  PQI's Power Pad 101 comes with current overload protection. The intelligent detection IC can auto regulate output current to avoid overload, over heat and short circuit situations. When an anomaly occurs, such as overheating or current overload, the i-Charger may cut-off or regulate output to ensure stability and safety.  


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