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Users today own many hand-held or electronic devices, but whenever some of them need recharging, there never seems to be enough available sockets to charge them all. The PQI i-Charger Mini 24W offers high current, built-in smart voltage detection IC, and the ability to automatically adjust the power supply based on appliance needs. The device also has overheat, overload and short-circuit protection, and ships with a 10 million USD product liability insurance policy. What's more, with its removable plug design, users only need to switch the plug around to use the device with different specifications, including American, European, UK and Australian sockets. Travel around the world with this one charger, reduce baggage weight, and never worry about adapters again.
  4.8A High Output Dual USB for Fast Charge  
  Each USB port can output DC 5V/ 2.4A, it is the optimum and efficient power output to fast charge your mobile device.  
  LED Indicator Shows Charge Status at a Glance Once the PQI i-Charger Mini 24W is powered, its LED indicator shows whether it is in use.  
  Surge Guard, Effective Protection  
  Effectively stabilizes voltage spikes from switching on power, and guards against destructive voltage or current surges from lighting strikes, thus offering thorough protection for sensitive electronic devices and prolonging their lifespan.  
  Removable, Proprietary Plug Design, Switchable Yet Firmly Attached  
  Multi-spec ready, whether it's American, UK, European or Australian, the proprietary removable plug design allows users to change it accordingly. The plugs fit securely, and prevent excessive wear that might cause the plug to slip off, greatly increasing safety.  
  Smart Voltage Detection IC, Automatic Power Adjustment    
  Automatically provides just the right level of power any electronic device needs. Satisfies all charging requirements in the shortest time possible, to ensure uninterrupted use of electronic devices.    
  Ultimate Quality and Guarantee PQI i-Charger Mini 24W is in compliance with multiple safety certifications around the globe and is product liability-insured up to 10 million USD so users can enjoy with upmost safety and guarantee!  
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