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PQI has extensive experience with the development of memory modules including DDR2 memory modules. The Power DDR2 800 was developed for use with the Intel 965 and Socket AM2 platforms. Power DDR2 800 has also passed compatibility testing with the top three motherboard makers in Taiwan, demonstrating once again PQI's leadership in product development and innovation!

Power DDR2 800 uses the standard 240-pin design and has an operating voltage of 1.8V. Available capacities are 512MB, 1GB and 2GB. The product also conforms to the JEDEC (JOINT ELECTR-ON DEVICE ENGINEERING COUNCIL) standard. DDR2 cells in FBPGA packaging from first-tier manufacturers are used, successfully reducing the number of contacts between the IC cells and module substrate, resulting in lower working temperatures at high frequencies and interference from signal noise.


‧Winning hearts and minds with superior quality      
ISO9001-certified production lines and 100% testing ensure that every PQI memory module will satisfy user expectations on stability and performance.      
‧Lower power consumption compared to DDR improves battery endurance      
Power consumption is reduced by 50% due to the 1.8V operating voltage compared to the 2.5V of DDR.      
‧Dual-channel packaging simplifies memory pairing      
The release of dual-channel packaging in different capacities simplifies the pairing of memory modules for dual-channel operation.      
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