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The U273V Traveling Disk features the superior data transfer performance of USB3.0, stable output current, low power consumption, backward compatibility to USB2.0, and simultaneous read/write data access all packaged in the industry smallest design to date. The PQI U273V's slender thumb-sized design represents a breakthrough in market of USB3.0 travelling disks with thick, bulky profiles, making it the new leading standard in the industry.
USB 3.0 Super Speed and Energy Saving (backwards compatible with USB 2.0)
The USB 3.0 interface delivers fast data transfer rates, is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and is more energy efficient.
Special sandblasting treatment prevents smudges/fingerprints
Special sandblasting surface treatment with matte finish is scratch-resistant, even when pocketed with keys and other objects.
Comes with full after-sales service & lifetime warranty
Lifetime warranty for USB3.0 traveling disk product series. We offer customers quality service that matches the quality of our products. 
Compact, light-weight, and slender design
Meticulously designed thumb-sized device is unique, slender, and compact.
LED Indicator Light
LED light at the bottom of the disk indicates disk activity during use.
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