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The PQI Air Bank features the latest in wireless technology and Wi-Fi sharing to effortlessly provide extra storage capacity to smart phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices. The built-in 802.11bgn Wi-Fi standard lets you leave the cables at home and conveniently sync with up to 5 devices. The PQI exclusive "PQI Air Bank+" app can be installed on your device (available for both iOS and Android from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore) to share your best moments, photos, music at anytime, anywhere. PQI Air Bank also supports HD movies for smooth playback and a theatre quality, movie-going experience all without leaving your living room.
All-in-One Wireless Access Point and Portable Drive 
The power of a Portable Drive and a Wireless AP combined. A fully featured wireless AP in a compact travel size that allows users to enjoy their own portable cloud service. 
The PQI exclusive "PQI Air Bank+" app to simplify your data sharing 
"PQI Air Bank+" supports iOS, Android, and Kindle operating systems. Directly access all of your files through "PQI Air Bank+" without the need to download another app.
Large capacity with data sharing capabilities 
With a 1TB drive supporting WiFi and USB3.0 high speed interfaces, the PQI Air Bank is your powerful tool for sharing data. In addition to connecting up to 5 devices, the one-click sync function simplifies data sharing and backup with the PQI Air Pen. 
One-click backup 
The world exclusive one-click feature backs up your data to the PQI Air Pen in a single step. 
Long lasting battery life
PQI Air Bank provides up to 5 hours of media playback and can be charged through a USB port. It can also easily be charged using any common USB power adaptor. 
The 2.5" design easily fits in the palm of your hand
Its convenient portability that comes in either 500GB or 1TB capacities allows you to easily access videos and multimedia files anytime, anywhere using USB3.0 connectivity to cut down on transfer time. 
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