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The PQI Air Pen is the world's smallest personal wireless AP, weighing only 40 g. The device itself is only as big as a stick of lipstick, making it an easy fit in your pocket. When an ethernet cable is connected to the RJ-45 port on the bottom of the device, the device can act as a wireless access point (802.11b/g/n), allowing for up to five devices to simultaneously connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi. This function comlepletely solves access problems when out on business or vacation, and when your iPad, tablet, or ultrabook device lacks a port to connect the ethernet cable provided in your hotel. Now you only need to hit the power switch, "P," and you'll be free to access the Internet.
World's Smallest Wireless Access Point
The PQI Air Pen, weighing in at a svelte 40g (1.4oz), is the world's smallest wireless access point. The PQI Air Pen combines a wireless AP with a portable storage drive in a single device. It uses ethernet and 802.11b/g/n wireless technology to provide the same access capability as an ordinary wireless AP.
Flexible Storage
The PQI Air Pen uses exchangeable micro SDHC cards for storage, making memory expansion a snap. The device also coveniently organizes your documents according to use (eg., work and play). For better compatibility, please use PQI micro SD card.
A Portable, Personal Cloud
Similar size to the lipstick and thoughtful pocket size, “PQI Air” Pen supports up to 5 connections simultaneously through Wi-Fi, sharing could be that easy. In addition, a click sync with “PQI Air” Bank; never lost important files.
Unique, Hinged USB Design
The PQI Air Pen uses a special hinge design that streamlines access to its USB port. This way, you won't need an extra USB cord when you want to use USB for charging or for moving data.
Easily Stream Everything via "PQI Air Pen+"
The APP "PQI Air Pen+" supports both iOS and Android. Via "PQI Air Pen+", you can stream various format of files without any other APPs.
 Single-Click Backup Function
You only need to press a single button and the PQI Air Pen will back up all of its data to the PQI Air Bank. This is the only device in the world with a single click backup function—just one click and your data is secure.
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