Brand Story

Brand Spirit
pqi “ uses lower case with round edges for a young and vibrant look to give the design a warmer and a more friendly feelings.
The blue dot on the “ i “ is a bouncy ball that represents our company brings liveliness and happiness to individual’s life by our creativity and enthusiasm.

Our Story

PQI was founded in 1997, and joined Foxlink Group in 2010.
We initially focused on specialized electrical manufacturing. We hope to bring innovation on our unique products with a strict quality control and our R&D resources.
We believe “each step counts,” and in order to promote branding and to expand total market demand, PQI uses Corporate Identity System (CIS) as our positioning statement since 2004.
Today we have become one of the 10 largest brands worldwide in professional memory module and flash memory fields.
Our cares on environment and vulnerable groups are indicative of our mindset as being a socially conscious business and a part of society.
We expend effort on encouraging others to do the same, so we can show our love for one another.



Our Spirit
PQI believes, “Trust, Honesty, Commitment, Quality, and Sustainable Operation” to make us a better company.
We listen to customers and solve problems in the long run.
We take responsibility of each support we have earned from our customers.
We build trust and credibility by showing our honesty and sincerity.
We always challenge ourselves on each step of process, from designing, developing to marketing.
PQI has been seeking to make a record from the past, present and future of human evolution.