OTG USB Flash Drive

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iConnect mini can expand your iPhone memory such as photos, videos, musics, documents, movies. You c⋯
Without instant editing, it's a shame that some photos and videos are left in the storage once they ⋯
Photography and making micro movies have become popular amongst all ages. PQI's Instashot features i⋯
The PQI Connect 313 is a Flash Drive with dual connectors USB-C and USB-A. The Connect 313 can not o⋯
PQI Connect 312 has the latest USB-C port that can be used on the newest generation of smartphones, ⋯
PQI Connect 311 is equipped with the latest USB 3.1-C port and standard USB port for transferring or⋯
The PQI Connect 301 uses exclusive patented COB technology to create the world's smallest OTG (USB O⋯