PQI i-Charger for car 4.8A has two 2.4A USB port output
to charge up to two devices simultaneously while on the move.

Suited for most portable devices (iPhone, iPad, MP3, GPS, dashcam, etc.),
it has a ring-shaped charge status blue illuminating LED.
When connected, the LED will light-up blue
so one can tell the device is connected and charging without actually looking at the device itself.
There is also an intelligent IC chip to prevent over-current during the charging process.

PQI i-Cable Multi-Plug features 3-in-1 interfaces,
it has Apple Lightning, USB-C and micro-USB.
It resolves different connection interfaces for people carrying multiple devices.

Covered in interwoven composite fiber,
it can support up to 50Kg with enhanced inner metallic sheath for durability and safety!





InputDC 10 ~ 16V

Output:Total 4.8A Max ( DC 5V / 2.4A per port ) / Max output:24W

Dimensions:180 cm / 60 x 32 x 32 mm

Weight:40 g / 22 g

Warranty:1 year