PQI Fingerprint Crypto Wallet

Biometric Fingerprint Authentication:Ensures maximum transaction security
Double recovery security:Up to 24 Recovery phrases + Random Pass Phrase
Make Transaction Easy & Secure:QR code can be generated & displayed On-Screen for instant Send/Receive for your transaction
Standalone Mode:Allows users to check the amount and transaction QR code
Supports Most Popular Cryptocurrency and Even NFTs
User-friendly APP interface enables smooth and secure transactions experience
OTA Function:Secure OTA function via APP through BLE or USB connection for upgrade and to support more new cryptocurrencies
Docking Case for Charging:Snap to Charge instantly with the included docking case









App Downloads :Mac OS / iOS / Android


User guide :Download

WalletConnect for NFTs :Download

Product Name  :PQI Fingerprint Crypto Wallet

Dimensions(L x W x H) :3.35 x 2.13 x  0.087 Inches / 85.0 x 54.0 x 2.2 mm

Weight :0.6 oz / 15.5g

Warranty :1 Year 

Made in China