i-Cable Ultimate Toughness LC

The PQI i-Cable Ultimate Toughness LC has been certified by Apple for data transmission and charging.
It is equipped with a USB-C connector and a Lightning transmission connector and utilizes high-density compound fiber weaving.
The cable body is tough, flexible, and resists entanglement.

An extended SR design has been adopted for the connector in order to enhance tear resistance.
The cable is not prone to rupture or breakage, even after long periods of use.

Inside the cable, the rigorously selected, high-density, double layered metallic blue sheath
provide the ultimate in security and protection when the core is damaged, extending the product life cycle as a result!

You can use both sides of these two connectors for connection.
The omni-directional connection method creates an unprecedentedly wonderful user experience.
It can also be paired with various PD chargers, mobile power banks
and car chargers to provide fast-charging performance to your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and select iPad Pro models.

It is in full compliance with Apple's design specifications,
and passes the Apple MFI (Made for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod) Certification, ensuring it is completely safe to use.




InterfaceCompatible with Apple Lightning & standard USB-C interface

Dimensions:100 cm

Weight:24 g ± 1 g

Warranty:1 year